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There is an unbreakable bond between gold and gemstones

Nature is what gives a diamond its value. Only nature can forge the unique display of transparencies and reflections. This is why each diamond has a soul, a personality and its own unique charm.
Four parameters are used to gauge its quality: Carat, Colour, Cut and Clarity. But there's another parameter, perhaps the most important, because it is the standard that all the other four parameters depend on: Mirco Visconti's Choice.

Every feature is meticulously screened, classified and validated by gemmology experts at the company's workshops. Because only a real expert can recognise a perfect diamond. The secret is in the brilliance, that miracle of transparency, balance and harmony that Mirco Visconti looks for in every diamond. One by one, as if they were the most important thing in the world. The selected stones are then set in the most sophisticated gold mountings created especially by Valenza's master goldsmiths. Because if every diamond is unique, the jewellery it is married with must be unique too.

The quality of a Liparota diamond is gauged by five essential parameters: Cut, Carat, Colour, Clarity and Choice, which is indubitably the most important. Each one of these properties is assessed and authenticated by expert gemmologists to ensure the weight, cut, shape, clarity and value of every stone.


The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. One carat is equal to 1/5 of a gram. The Liparota collection includes diamond jewellery that ranges in carats and therefore in size, in order to satisfy every desire.


A diamond’s colour is the parameter for luminosity that indicates the saturation scale of the colours. Letters are used to classify the colour grade, starting with D (a perfectly colourless diamond) and going up to Z (an intensely coloured diamond). For its jewellery, Liparota usually selects colours that range from the D to H grades, the best quality available today.


Cut is the art of bestowing shape, charm and beauty on a diamond. From the classic round brilliant cut with 57 facets, to the more refined pear and emerald shapes, Liparota opts for the most appreciated cuts for its diamonds. Each stone is cut to exalt its individual characteristics. The cuts illustrated on these pages are ideal in shape and symmetry, which allow the light to be reflected in the diamond, accentuating its radiance and brilliance.

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Over the long process of consolidation of its crystal structure, a diamond can show traces of imperfections within. The clarity grade indicates whether or not inclusions are visible under a 10x magnifying glass. Liparota tends to select diamonds with a clarity variable ranging from IF to SI.

Choice: Liparota’s final “C” is the most important

Only a highly expert eye knows how to recognise a diamond that has been cut perfectly. The secret is in the shine, or rather in the refraction that allows the light to be reflected in its entirety and to return in the same, original direction. This miracle of transparency, balance and harmony is what Enrico Liparota and his son Luca seek out in each diamond. One by one, they use the patience necessary to reach uncompromised quality.

Optical path of a diamond’s light rays