Values have a precise common denominator

Memories often appear in black and white, but the emotions they reflect are always in colour. These emotions are eternal, and they grow day after day. Passion, the desire to create, the drive to stand out and leave treasured signs of where you have been. This is what lies at the heart of our jewellery.

It all began in far-off Brazil, where Francesco Villa, Mirco's maternal grandfather, traded in precious stones between South American and Valenza. At the beginning of the 20th century his daughter Clelia married Emilio Visconti, a renowned jewel setter. The passion, knowledge and experience of these two generations were handed down to Mirco, who combined his love for jewellery with an irrepressible desire to discover the world, be it big or small, to innovate and to grow.


In 1947 Mirco Visconti founded the company that still bears his name today, in via Roma in the heart of the old town of Valenza. The first Visconti jewellery catalogue was the technical sample book created in the workshop, illustrated by hand by Emilio Visconti. With that catalogue, jewellery in a cardboard suitcase and, most importantly, with an energy the likes of which Valenza had never seen, Mirco Visconti made a name for himself around much of Italy. He travelled on his own while his wife Angela attended to managing the company.


This was the year of the company's first move to larger premises, at 24 via Carlo Noè. Mirco Visconti travelled far and wide in his inseparable Giardinetta car. His travels were marked by the determination of someone who wanted to conquer the world, and the satisfaction of someone who really knew how to get results. It is no coincidence that he was one of the first traders from Valenza to buy diamonds directly from the Antwerp International Diamond Exchange. He wanted to find out more, to understand, to improve. And he finally realised that the world isn't that big after all: if you keep your feet firmly on the ground and take one step at a time, you can go anywhere.


Enrico Liparota joined the company in 1987. In 1980 Cosetta Visconti, Mirco's daughter, also joined. In 1987 control of the company passed to Enrico and Cosetta, bringing with it a new business mentality that would lead to a further leap in quality. Their style was in the family tradition: solid training, extensive knowledge of their trade and an innovative spirit. All this plus the skills and energy needed to successfully compete in the new market scenarios.


The current headquarters opened. Building work began in 1995: a sign of the company's significant growth. Mirco Visconti continued to grow and expand throughout Italy, never losing sight of the same guiding spirit: the constant search for excellence. But the multi-storeyed building at 3 viale Santuario was much more than just a prestigious company. It was the heart of a family that never stopped believing in itself. It sealed a success story and business style that has laid solid foundations, a company that works towards new goals and continues to grow, making anything possible. Because dreams only make sense when they come true.


Mirco Visconti s.p.a. continues to grow. New premises were built next to the viale Santuario site, offering further space to expand the company's activities, from workshops to an administrative division. But most of all it is tangible evidence of the company's ever-present desire to grow. An important new step towards the future.


The extension of the Viale Santuario premises was concluded, doubling the sales, production and laboratory areas. Continuing to grow with an eye that sees far into space and time. A path to follow, step by step, creating a firm base every day that will be the starting point for tomorrow. The past and present merge in a reality that embodies the highest and most authentic Valenza jewellery tradition. The future won't be a mere consequence; once again, it will be a real path, built with passion.


There's an important name that lights up the road

The hardest task is to respect your own traditions, without foregoing a touch of innovation. Keeping the characteristics of the past, even when you grow, even when times are changing. Our company does all this every single day, carrying forward the dream and ambition of its founders. What unites and drives us is our passion, our love for everything beautiful, and for value. That was the case with Emilio and Mirco, and with Mirco, Enrico and Cosetta. And today, it's also true for Enrico, Luca and Michela - his two eldest children who've taken their place in a company whose roots lie in the tradition of the most noble Valenza jewellers. Showing the same passion and love for work and quality that has always distinguished our family.