Perfect jewellery is harmony that becomes beauty. It is the very pure value of Mirco Visconti, and the heart of the most authentic goldsmith tradition in Valenza. A great family brand, founded in 1947 that has now reached the third generation. Beauty, that is creative perfection. This is what distinguishes a work of art from all other jewellery. A value that Mirco Visconti seeks every day for its customers, discovering, selecting, cherishing the most precious gems and combining them with the most exquisite and elegant settings in gold. The result is a perfect balance of proportions and shapes, to enhance the intrinsic value of everlasting jewellery, making it sublime. An exclusive and inimitable brand, always synonymous with excellence on the market, a lodestar for Italian jewellery.
There is a precise line uniting the values. A strong and harmonious tie, that generates emotions and transmits know-how. And so, from the great experience of Mirco Visconti, the Liparota brand has been founded. An exclusive brand, taking the jewellery of the great Italian and Valenza tradition onto the international market. The unique creativity typical of Italian design combines with the value of gems meticulously selected by the company's gemmologists. The result is beauty in its purest form.