Transparency, apart from brilliance
There are values that have no price. They're the most important ones, because they form the real legacy of a company. Values that can't be bought and that can't be sold: they're simply possessed, because someone passed them down to us, and they'll be passed on to those who come after us. Values that speak of respect and attention, of a world that has to be protected and, if possible, improved by the commitment of each one of us. The precious stones of Mirco Visconti don't come from areas of conflict and don't exploit the dignity of those who extract them. On the contrary, they offer the chance of legal work to millions of people. It's much more than a guarantee: it's a definite choice, a binding company policy, a philosophy of life. Mirco Visconti purchases its stones exclusively from suppliers who subscribe to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme - an agreement drawn up between the UNO, the governments of the various countries, the diamond industry and the NGOs like Global Witness, Amnesty International and Partnership Africa Canada to ensure total transparency and legality in the source and use of diamonds. A strict Warranty System ensures that the stones aren't taken from areas of armed conflict, certifies the process for obtaining the stones, and demands 100% respect of the correct procedure by all manufacturers and dealers. For Mirco Visconti, jewels have to be not only precious but also - and above all - ethically correct.
And "ethically correct" must also hold true for the relationship with the environment in every jewel processing phase. The new wing of the Mirco Visconti premises in Valenza, in fact, was designed to fully respect the Itaca protocol (the Institute for Innovation and Transparency in Tenders and Environmental Compatibility), built using innovative energy-saving techniques and certified in class A: photovoltaic cells for producing electricity, a heat pump for heating and air-conditioning, solar panels for water heating, 100% LED lighting and the total elimination of all polluting emissions. At the same time, the existing structure was optimised, adopting all the necessary measures to ensure the minimum environmental impact.