Transparency has clear-cut boundaries
Value, of which so much is said, is never an abstract concept. In fact it is very real, which is why every piece of Mirco Visconti jewellery comes with an identity label that guarantees its total uniqueness.

But that's not all: every piece of jewellery is laser-incised with the Mirco Visconti 1947 brand of authenticity, the carat weight and the Made in Italy Valenza and Divalenza marks, as well as the 750% gold hallmark and 2098 AL manufacturing mark. These genuine certifications, combined with the warranty, mark Mirco Visconti jewellery out as unique, original pieces that can always be traced in any situation.

The company also guarantees that its stones do not come from conflict zones, are not the result of illegal trade and do not exploit the people who mine them. Because there is no value without legality and transparency.