There is a constant bond between members of a team
It's called harmony and we can't live without it. How could we seek out and discover beauty, shape it and make it even more beautiful if it wasn't backed by a team that is passionate about what it does? This is why people are all-important for us; everyone who works with us, in any sector and at any level, has a fundamental role to play. They all have their own skills, and are a part of a tight-knit group that is trained in-house. From jewellery makers to administrative staff, every person reflects the highest level of professionalism.
And in the same way, our sales force communicates a style and approach to work and quality that has always been one of our distinguishing features. These are people who have worked with us for many years a sign of a strong bond, a shared passion for perfection and a special relationship of trust. The same close, long-lasting relationship that Mirco Visconti has established with its clients, one that reflects the characteristics of our jewellery: authentic, brilliant and transparent.